Essential Intro

Essential Reformer Intro

To introduce new clients to essential reformer exercises and the settings of their reformer – current clients may take this class as well and still get a good essential reformer workout.

Free for NEW clients only. Must be taken prior to any other class.

Essential 1

Essential Reformer

Learning the 5 STOTT Pilates Principals through training, breathing, pelvic placement, ribcage placement, scapular movement and stabilization, head and cervical placement.

Must take the Intro Class.

Post Physical Therapy Pilates 2

Post Physical Therapy Pilates

This class is open to clients who are familiar with the Essential class and is ideal for our current and past Post Physical Therapy patients. This class focuses on the preliminary STOTT Essential reformer exercises and is a perfect fit for those who need modifications due to the limitations of past or present injuries.

Stretch And Strengthen 1

Stretch and Strengthen

Gain much needed flexibility through a 55-minute stretch class. It is a fantastic complement to a Pilates routine. You will not believe how good it will feel.

No reformer knowledge needed

Intermediate 3

Intermediate Reformer

The next step in the STOTT reformer classes Now that you know the moves, lets change it up and make it a bit more challenging.

Must have mastered Essential AND instructor approval.

Athletic 3


This full body workout is geared towards the athlete in you. Routines will be harder, faster, and unpredictable. The class will never be boring as you challenge your core, arms legs, gaining overall flexibility and agility.

Must have at least 10 Essential classes AND instructor approval.

Jumpboards 5


Combines intervals of calorie burning Jumpboard work with traditional exercises on the reformer to challenge your core in a new and exciting way. Excellent blend of cardio & strength. A great addition to your strength training reformer classes.

Must have at least 10 level 1 classes AND instructor approval.

Pilates & Props 5

Pilates and Props

This is a fun full body workout using the Reformer as well as other pieces of pilates equipment. ~Bosu~Ring~Ball~Stick~Mat~Handweights~

Must have at least 15 level 1 classes AND instructor approval.

Tower Power 5

Tower Power

All Pilates work done on the Tower.

Must have at least 15 level 1 classes AND instructor approval.

Advanced 6

Advanced Reformer

To increase the understanding of STOTT principals Increasing endurance, strength, speed, balance, flexibility, & extension.