Comprehensive rehabilitation of the spine can be a daunting and difficult task. At the Body Center, we seek to simplify and educate our patients on the rehabilitation process of improving function of the spine.

Hands-On Physical Therapy
We integrate our hands on physical therapy interventions for restoring motion of the spine and couple that with the latest evidence-based interventions for exercise activities to help restore normal spine mobility and strength.

Patient Education
We believe that spinal care begins with patient education and self care management skills. We first work to help patients understand what interventions they are responsible to perform depending on the symptoms that are present. We work diligently on educating patients to minimize and relieve their symptoms through postural positioning, repeated movement activities and alterations of poor ergonomics. We also advise patients on utilizing tools such as ice packs to eliminate pain that is present.

Manual Therapy
Manual therapy at The Body Center is performed in a systematic approach focused on the localization and mobilization of the pain generating structure or motion segment. Manual Therapy interventions have been shown to be highly effective in reducing pain, improving motion and improving movement patterns.

Motor Re-education
Motor re-education has been at the center of the phenomenon known as core training. Like many trends, core training concepts are built on solid biomechanical and exercise physiological premises and are validated with controlled research testing. In an attempt to avoid the “core training” hype, we have stayed true to the basic concepts of trunk stabilization and teach a method of progressive exercise training that has been proven to be highly effective and easily reproducible in our patient’s homes without expensive equipment.

Pilates Training
We integrate Pilates training as a further progression of our motor control/ core training. The Reformer apparatus allows us to challenge patients with spinal conditions with a head to toe exercise series that focuses on optimal trunk motor control. The variety of positions and movements coupled with the scalability of load allows for a truly dynamic exercise experience.

Situational Simulations
Situational simulations of home, work or recreational activities allow our Physical Therapists to make ergonomic recommendations and instruct in proper body mechanics can help to prevent further injury and improve productivity and performance. Our patients’ successful completion of their desired or required activities is the ultimate test of our rehabilitation success.