The Body Center has built a reputation for providing superior orthopedic therapy care since 2006. We are proud to have two board certified orthopedic physical therapy specialists on staff who demonstrate their clinical expertise daily in treating the most complicated orthopedic cases.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are able to provide physical therapy care for problems from head to toe. Our clinical philosophy focuses on identifying the source of the problem and treating the primary impairment with the most effective interventions leading to the maximum improvement of function and restoration of normalcy.

Our Interventions Include:

The Body Center Orthopedic Treatment

Experts in the Mechanics of Movement

Our Physical Therapists are quickly able to isolate specific orthopedic impairments, but are also able to comprehensively look at movement dysfunction knowing that mechanically all the joints in the body are connected. Thus, we are not only focused on restoring specific joint problems but restoring whole body movement. For many of our orthopedic patients, our Pilates based exercise classes serve as bridge from physical therapist guided rehabilitation to self monitored safe long term exercise and wellness.

The Body Center Complete Care

Complete Care

With the advanced training our therapists have received in residency and fellowship programs and current comprehensive continuing education courses, we are often able to find solutions to difficult problems. Our care is not complete unless we can reproduce the work, sport or active daily lifestyle in clinic and assist our patients in mastering the activity required.